Mote: "Hawaii"

The Church Sign Generator. The nitrogen and phosphorus in bat guano has also been mined for the manufacture of explosives. Nine days is nothing after the thirty-two days that he has already been gone. Listen to this: A motorist moves into the far lane to pass stopped cars that are waiting for a child to cross who is jay walking. How fucking important do you think you are and where were you going in such a hurry that you cant slow down for stopped traffic? Well, then you can just take your happy little family, which doesn't include this side of the family, and have fun! What do you think about the layout of this diary? Your in a relationship of 5 years and your mate cheats on you. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person. Or would you just let him have his space and share the Lonely Hill comfortably as I think you want him to do for you? Just say you planned it yourself, money isn't an issue, again time and myth have no meaning...

Think about how much hair has played a part in society and fasion; how would you be effected?

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