Nós somos quem sois

I stopped...
 I thought...
 I moved forward...
 Not always in that order, not always with order
 Keep me in the discontent of the thankless task of keeping all the tasks
 I know you know
 We`re again at the beginning
 The mother who tells her daughter a story her grandmother told her
 In a stage of production matter of a show that standing up we watch to sweep the floor in the end
 I was nailing with stilettos grooves of interrupted smiles, made hastily
 I remember the times when I looked forward and with closed eyes I trusted
 I remember the days when I still had spare time to restart…
 ...the time...
 I saw a seagull who drowned a cuckoo clock at sea
Tomorrow is time for I don`t remember
 Tonight I dreamed in black and white and I kept sleeping.
 It was hair wrapping around my head
 I woke up twice in the middle of my sleep and I thought I wasn`t breathing
 I pushed the hair away but they were words gagging my mouth

Este vídeo é uma peça da exposição de Hélia Aluai "WE ARE WHAT YOU ARE" (Porto 2010)
Textos: Cristina Sevla
Coreografia/dança: Vera Santos
Música: Quico Serrano
Imagem e Edição: Tânia Duarte

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