Before Sunset #5

I have 3 songs in English. One's about my cat, one's about... my ex-boyfriend, well, ex-ex-boyfriend, well, it's just a... little waltz.

A waltz?


Put the waltz.

I haven't played it in a while, you sure? All right, the waltz.

"Let me sing you, a waltz.
Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts.
Let me sing you, a waltz.
About this one night stand.
You were for me that night,
everything I always dreamt of in life.
But now you're gone.
You are far gone.
All the way to your island of rain.

It was for you just a one night thing.
But you were much more to me, just so you know.
I don't care what they say
I know what you meant for me that day.
I just wanted another try.
I just wanted another night.

Even if it doesn't seem quite right.
You meant for me much more than anyone I've met before.

One single night with you, little...
Jesse... is worth a thousand with any-body.

I have no bitterness, my sweet.
I'll never forget this one night thing.
Even tomorrow in other arms.
My heart will stay yours until I die.

Let me sing you a waltz.
Out of nowhere, out of my blues.
Let me sing you a waltz.
About this lovely one night stand."

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