on relationships

I think the concept that there's one person who's gonna make you whole, this Gibran kind of thinking, is so detrimental. I don't think it's the other person's responsibility to make you whole at all. It's the other person's responsibility to make you laugh, to give you a dance now and then, to read the newspaper and tell you about things you don't have time to read about, to introduce you to music you don't know, to tell you when you're full of shit, to fight fair, to be good in bed, to say, "Come on, let's go have an adventure" when you've become a little bit of a stick in the mud. But it's not their job to make you whole. The test for me of a great romantic relationship is how productive you are during the relationship. You don't need somebody who's gonna keep you up till four in the morning and you don't even know why you're fighting. You don't need somebody who you're gonna go to a party and you're worried about that they're gonna get jealous, laid, drunk, stoned, or turn up missing. I like to go to a party and go my way and let somebody else go their way, and you meet up or you don't meet up and then you go home together and nobody feels bad about it. That's the perfect description of life, too- the party of life.

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Claudia Sousa Dias disse...

Yes, it is.



O'Sanji disse...

of course. someone who makes me smile and makes me be productive! :)
I've found somebody like that. and I love him so much.
thanks Rô for bringing this smart piece of wisdom!

Maria disse...

I'm so happy for you___because you deserve the very best in the world, my dear O'Sanji. big kiss :)