The American choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart and the Portuguese choreographer and dancer Francisco Camacho met in New York in 89. He followed her to Belgium to dance in her debut work Disfigure Study. After that each went their own way but now theyre collaborating once more. Meg Stuart has choreographed BLESSED, a new piece with Francisco Camacho in a sound design by Hahn Rowe.

In a corner of the world a man has created his own little paradise. How fragile are our mental constructions? How much illusion do we need to survive? Is mankind capable not to believe? Or is it the luxury of the privileged to escape in pipedreams? Is hope a matter of circumstances?

____e mais próximo, Francisco Camacho neste continente.

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© Maria Manuel disse...

a arte de dramatizar questões tão pertinentes, cada vez mais, para a humanidade.

abraço, Maria.

mfc disse...

Intrigante e belo.